There are many levels of leadership at Wandong Primary School, including staff and student leadership teams. 

The Principal team (Principal and Assistant Principal) oversee the running of the school and are ably assisted by the Leading Teacher. 


Staff Leadership Teams:

These five staff members are part of the School Improvement Team (called SIT).  These include the Principal, Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing Leading teacher, English learning Specialist and the Mathematics Learning Specialist include the English and Mathematics Coordinators. The SIT meet on a weekly basis to discuss student learning, curriculum opportunities, student data, resourcing and administrative functions.


In addition to the SIT, there are Professional Learning Community leaders (Foundation, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6).  They oversee the curriculum planning for their grade level/s.  They ensure the teaching and learning within their unit is based on DET and school wide curriculum documents, and that meetings are efficient and effective. Additional tasks, such as school camps and excursions, are well planned and linked to curriculum priorities. Professional Learning Community leaders ensure data is accessed and discussed on a regular basis and that programs within classrooms are consistently delivered.


It is important to have regular input from the Professional Learning Community leaders when decisions are being made.  Their role, within the Strategic Leadership set up of the school, is to raise ideas and suggestions from their own and their individual team’s perspective. They analyse suggestions made by others with a view to how this would work for the school as a whole, and for their unit individually.  To ensure this occurs, they meet regularly with the Assistant Principal, who then relays information to and from the SIT meetings.


Discussions are robust and detailed.  Leaders are pushed beyond their initial thinking to look at the bigger picture.


In addition to the above meetings, the school specialist teachers meet every week to share their planning and assessment practices, discuss individual student progress and finalise any whole school cross curriculum activities.


The Strategic Leadership Team will this year lead the implementation of 2018 Annual Implementation Plan that outlines our target areas for this year.  Reflecting on our progress towards our four year Strategic Plan goals at the end of 2017, SIT then created a document that takes us through the next steps on our four year journey.


Please note:  Both the Strategic Plan (2017-2020) and The Annual Implementation Plan (2018) are linked to this page for your perusal.


Student leadership teams

Providing students with a genuine voice and an opportunity to further their personal skills is vitally important. Students at all grade levels are given the opportunity to step into leadership roles.


Student Representative Council:


The Student Representative Council work closely with the principal to organise interesting fundraising opportunities.  Half of the money raised supports school initiatives, whilst the other half is targeted towards supporting various charities. Students in every classroom vote for two class members to be their representatives. Meetings are held regularly with the principal and the decisions made at these meetings are then taken back to the individual grades by their SRC members.  All students receive an S.R.C. badge, presented at our whole school assembly.  These are then proudly worn on their school uniform daily.


Peer Mediators:


All grade five students are trained to be peer mediators. The whole day training focuses on the skills required to carry out such a role within the school yard – helping others to solve their own problems.  Students are shown how to work through a situation, reinforcing the WPS school values and attempting to achieve a win-win outcome.  If confronted by a situation involving three or more students, the peer mediators will refer this to the yard duty teacher.   Students in this role develop their communication skills, empathy and ability to actively listen to others.  Peer Mediators are provided with a personal lanyard to wear whilst on duty.


Sport Captains and Vice Captains:


Grade six students are involved in a tightly run voting process to determine the WPS sports captains.  Students in grades three-six vote for the peers that that believe will best represent their sporting house.  Sports captains and vice captains are responsible for distributing and collecting sports equipment on a daily basis, and assisting to run major school events such as athletics carnivals and swimming events. They also assist with the weekly school assembly.


School Captains and Vice Captains:


Every year an election process is held to select the school captains and vice captains. Interested students prepare and present a speech to their peers and then the voting process begins.  The seven to eight students with the most votes are then required to meet with the principal and assistant principal for an interview.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to select the students for this role, as the calibre of students putting themselves forward is forever increasing.  The WPS school captains and vice captains are responsible for running the weekly assembly, hosting visitors to the school, speaking to the media about happenings at the school and representing the school at community events.