English and Mathematics


Welcome to 2017! We are all set to have a fantastic and exciting year in English.

My name is Bree Chisholm and I am the English Coordinator here at Wandong Primary School. English curriculum coordination is a full time position this year, which enables me to explicitly focus on the continual development of the teaching and learning skills in this area. I will often be seen within classrooms, working with teachers and students. It is my responsibility to create current and explicit curriculum documents and learning sequences to aid teachers to guide their learning programs. I ensure that the school is well resourced with plentiful books for the students and learning tools and programs for the teachers. Teachers are constantly involved in professional learning and development which keeps their knowledge and skills up to date with a consistent understanding and approach across the school.

We are really excited to be introducing the Writer’s Workshop this year. Teachers have been very busy learning and developing their knowledge over the last year and even over the holidays. We have seen improved student engagement levels in Writing sessions already and are excited to implement the knowledge in which we have learnt!

We are also super excited to welcome our brand new library space this year! We can’t wait to see children in the library enjoying the many books we have on offer.


In the words of the great Dr. Seuss, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go."


Happy learning!

Miss Chisholm

English Co-ordinator




Mathematics 2017 – Discovering the wonders of math – together!


2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Mathematics at Wandong Primary School. We’ll be fully implementing the new Victorian Curriculum, which will see mathematical concepts and problem-solving integrated across multiple learning areas, including Digital Technologies. Students will continue to investigate problem solving, exploring a wide range of strategies from Foundation to Year Six.


2017 will see the re-introduction of Mathletics – an online mathematics resource – across all year levels. Mathletics will be incorporated into daily lessons and students will be provided with login details to access the program from home.


Number Fluency will continue to be a major focus at Wandong Primary School, with four allocated sessions a week being dedicated to building fluency in number facts. Students will work towards individualised learning goals to strengthen their automatic recall.


This year we are excited to see a dedicated member of staff working as a full-time Mathematics
Co-ordinator. This will provide staff with support and coaching within the classroom, and allow professional development to meet the needs of the school.  Staff at Wandong Primary School will continue to develop their professional knowledge in the areas of assessment, problem-solving and differentiation.




Amy Andrew

Mathematics Co-ordinator