English and Mathematics




Mathematics 2018


In 2018, we are excited to spend the year consolidating key foci from the past few years. 2017 saw some very positive growth in Mathematics outcomes across the school, particularly in the area of Number and Algebra. The key focal point will surround building student capacity to effectively demonstrate their understanding through rich, differentiated learning tasks.


Teachers will be fully implementing the newly developed assessment tasks across all areas of Number and Algebra. The data collected through these assessments will be analysed in an ongoing basis to ensure that all teaching is occurring at the point of need and students are supported and extended with their Mathematics learning when needed. Students will be given opportunities to reflect on their successes and set individual learning targets for their Mathematical learning moving forward.


In 2018, we will continue to incorporate online learning platform, Mathletics – into our Mathematics program. Mathletics will be incorporated into daily lessons and students will be provided with login details to access the program from home. There will be weekly awards handed out at each assembly to the leading point scorers from each cohort.


Number Fluency continues to be a major focus at Wandong Primary School, with the first ten minutes of each Mathematics session being dedicated to building fluency and accuracy across the areas of Number and Algebra. Students will work towards individualised learning goals to strengthen their automatic recall and efficiency when counting and/or calculating.


This year, we continue to emphasise the importance Mathematics as a curriculum area by having a member of staff working as a full-time Mathematics Learning Specialist. This role will provide staff with mentoring support within the classroom, as well as coaching, which will allow selected staff to build upon their teacher capacity, enabling them to extend their teaching ability. 


Across 2018, the key foci of the Mathematics Professional Learning team will be to support all teaching staff at Wandong Primary School to continue to develop their professional knowledge in the areas of assessment, data analysis, problem-solving, number fluency practices and differentiation.


Jessica Woods


Mathematics Learning Specialist




We are all set to have a fantastic year of English in 2018!


In 2017 the Education Department introduced the Education State: Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. 2018 will see the implementation of Education State initiatives in English. This means having a strong focus on Literacy at all levels of the system, delivering detailed professional learning for teachers to help them to assess and teach effectively and providing additional support tailored to Wandong Primary School’s needs. In 2018 we are committed to the teaching and learning of Literacy as a foundation to engagement and lifelong achievement.

Literacy underpins the acquisition of complex skills. For example, making the transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ provides children with opportunities to engage with the entire school curriculum, including critical and creative thinking, social sciences, STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the arts. This is also the case for children who make the transition from ‘learning to write’ to ‘writing for academic success’.

We know that improving Literacy achievement at our school makes a difference to the lives of our students. Because of this, we are making a commitment in 2018 at Wandong Primary School to lift our standards for the teaching and learning of English.


The Writing Workshop will continue to be a major focus at Wandong Primary School. Within a Writing Workshop there is a particular emphasis on ‘writing as a process’, and individual interest and choice are fundamental to students becoming independent writers. The writing workshop is designed to offer an engaging and predictable learning environment. Because students write best about the things that are of interest and important to them, students at Wandong Primary School use a writer’s notebook as a tool to record the things they notice, observe, and think about. Within a Writing Workshop, students receive explicit instruction, work towards achievable goals and are given regular feedback from their teacher and peers. We continue to use a consistent language at Wandong Primary School to discuss the quality of Writing. We call these ‘The 6+1 Traits of Writing’. We provide our students feedback about Conventions, Ideas, Organisation, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Presentation.


2018 sees us re-introducing the Reading Workshop. We, at Wandong Primary School, are focussing on a range of teaching practices such as modelled reading, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading to provide varying levels of support at different points of need. The Reading Workshop is an integrated approach to reading that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. This year we have introduced the ‘The Systems of Strategic Actions’ which encompasses reading strategies for students thinking within, beyond and about the text. All students have independent, achievable reading goals in the form of ‘learning ladders’ in which they practice daily.


We look forward to another exciting year of learning and discovery and we welcome you on our journey with us!


Bree Chisholm


English Learning Specialist and Coordinator