Term 1, 2017

A warm welcome to the families of this year’s Foundation students. We are very excited to begin the school year and look forward to developing a close partnership between home and school. This year is the beginning of an exciting adventure that will provide your child with fun and engaging experiences and opportunities. The first year of school provides your child with the foundations for their future learning in their educational journey. We have a strong commitment to the development of English and Mathematics skills as well as Social and Emotional Learning for each and every child. Wandong Primary school would like to thank all parents and guardians for your positivity and ongoing support during transition from kindergarten to school.

Our Team in 2017:

Foundation G- Miss Kira Green (Unit Leader/Transition Co-ordinator)

Foundation J- Mrs Fiona Jacobs

Foundation V- Miss Natalie Vilchez

Foundation K- Ms Tess Kingsford

Specialist Staff in 2017

Visual Arts - Miss Hannah Giacomini

Performing Arts - Mrs Emma Castle

P.E - Mr Cal Fearn

Indonesian - Ms Beth Kimber

Support Staff- Emma and Rose will we working closely within the Foundation Unit

During the transition into school life, your child will encounter a range of new experiences that may be accompanied by some challenges and adjustments. We are here to support your children to develop her/his self-confidence and build upon resilience in order to become as independent as possible. Our morning routine within the classroom is a great way to allow your child to begin developing their independence and responsibility within their learning environment. You can support your child during this process by encouraging her/him to enter their classroom independently, completing morning jobs such as putting their fruit snack and water bottle on their table, getting out their zippy bag which may contain any notes or lunch orders, as well as placing their home learning folder and home readers in the tubs. This also assists in avoiding congestion on the deck and within the classroom.

Buddies: The grade 5/6 Buddy Program will commence within the first few weeks of the term. This program is aimed at assisting your child to become more comfortable within the school grounds while building her/his confidence. The Buddies Program is a great opportunity for the grade 5/6 students to build a close relationship with our Foundation students by offering reassurance in a friendly and supportive manner. Every Foundation student will be paired with one or two grade 5/6 students and will work closely with them throughout the year. Teachers schedule ‘Buddy Time’ into their program and students complete a range of learning experiences together. 

Please refer to our Foundation Term Overview for more information. You will find details about curriculum areas and a range of Foundation activities will be listed.

Kind Regards,

Foundation Team- Kira Green, Fiona Jacobs, Natalie Vilchez and Tess Kingsford