Grades three and four


Term 3 Overview


Welcome families to 3/4. After a busy and successful start to the year, we are excited to share with you our program outlines for term three.


Zippy Bags:


Students are required to bring a zippy bag to school each day, as a part of our whole school communication process. Students use their zippy bags to secure money and to transport notes to and from school. This can become difficult and important information may be lost, when students forget to bring their zippy bag. If your child does not have a zippy bag, they can be purchased from the main office.


Unit assembly


This term the 3/4 unit assembly will be held at 11:30am every Friday, prior to unit sport. This is an opportunity for parents and family to see their students presented with awards, such as Mathletics and Reading celebrations. Assembly will run for approximately 10 minutes and will be held in the room 19 (3/4M).






In Reading, students will be revisiting how to correctly select ‘Good Fit’ books and how to read to self and to a partner. They will participate in rotational Reading activities such as guided reading and word work. Throughout the term, all 3/4 classes will be reading the novel “James and the Giant Peach”. This text will be used to model different reading strategies taught in class, including cross checking, analysing and inferring meaning.




At the beginning of term three, the 3/4 students will have a refresher of how the writer’s workshop runs in each classroom. Students will be spending the first part of the term looking at poetry, such as rhyming couplets, raps and free verse poems, before continuing into the second half of the term with functional writing looking at the structure of texts used for communication, such as letters, postcards and emails. 




At the beginning, and the end of term, students will further develop their skills in non-number areas including length, mass, capacity and volume. Throughout term three, students will be exploring multiplication and division strategies. The term will end with location and transformations, focussing on mapping and symmetry. Within these areas, students will be encouraged to begin to use knowledge and skills within real life environments and situations.




Students will be completing set work in the unit called – “In Their Shoes”. Students will develop an understanding of social justice issues experienced by people with disabilities and those suffering financial hardship. They will learn about the role that rules and laws play in our community as they share their opinions about existing laws. Students will research a disability and write creatively about an important day in the life of someone who has the disability that they have researched.


Home Learning

Students will receive home learning weekly. It is expected that students will complete home learning regularly to revise and practise skills learnt in class. Students will complete weekly spelling activities, as well as weekly English and Mathematics activities.


Open Doors:


All the 3/4 classrooms welcome and appreciate parent/grandparent/relative assistance. Please talk to your child’s teacher and discuss how you could help. It may be listening to reading, preparing resources, laminating or even assisting small groups of students.


We look forward to a fun and exciting term.




Jessye Blakis, Owen Macer, Kaitlyn Hall and Jacque Rowe