Grades three and four




We are very eager to dive into a range of new content areas for the students to learn and love. Term three will definitely be filled with excitement!




During Reading sessions, students will be looking at a range of fictional stories and developing a deep understanding of characters. Students will be learning strategies that help them connect with the characters in their stories. Students will then look for patterns in a character's behaviour to grow a theory about the character and revise or confirm their theories as they continue to read.


Students will also understand that characters will face challenges, and find ways to overcome them, often becoming turning points in the story which force a character to change or grow from their experiences.


During Writing sessions, students will develop their knowledge of narrative writing through the study of fairy tales. They will continue going through the writing process stages of planning, drafting and revising while they adapt well known fairy tales and create their own versions. Narrative writing is a form of fiction writing that encourages the development of interesting characters with a clear and distinct structure. Students will be guided through a series of steps in an effort to develop their narrative writing skills.




During Mathematical sessions, students will continue to revise, develop and delve deeper into financial mathsmultiplication/division, measurement (length, mass, volume/capacity) and location/transformation. Students will represent money values in multiple ways and count the change required for simple transactions. They will be given opportunities to solve number story problems in multiplication and division. Students will combine knowledge of multiplication facts and drawing arrays to aid computation. They will create and solve number story problems in multiplication and division using real-life situations. Students will also create grid maps to give and follow directions in mapping tasks.




Our topic this term is titled, ‘Our Island Home’. Students will be engaged in the connections of the Geographical world as they learn about different environments, climate zones and natural vegetation. They will learn about Australia's neighbouring countries and about changes caused by adding and removing heat, and heat conductivity. Students will work in groups as they consider the location, climate, and values of their own artificial island nation.


Our essential questions for term 3 are:

  • Why is heat important for life on Earth?
  • What is it like to live in different places on Earth?
  • How do we use information technology and maps to learn about the world?

Don’t forget we continue to have unit sport at LB Davern Reserve on Friday’s, however this is weather dependent. Our Grade 3/4 camp booklet to Campaspe Downs in Kyneton was handed out in week one of the term. The booklet was packed full of a lot of helpful information. The money for this camp is due on the 26th October. Please come into our classrooms to have look at our learning tasks. If you have any queries please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Kind Regards,

Hannah Giacomini, Owen Macer, Jaclyn Adams, Jessye Blakis, Ashlee Koelmann and Jacque Ockenden.  


3/4 Team.